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The digital finance imperative

This global research report, commissioned by Oracle, identifies how 744 finance executives from across the globe evaluate the impact and role the CFO can play in creating value with digital technologies.

The big data pathway

Understanding and harnessing the power of big data is vital for today’s businesses and finance professionals. This infographic will show the steps you can take to stay up to date.

CGMA interview: Leveraging technology

Mr Bhat, the CFO at Gammon India, the largest civil engineering construction company in India, believes that an increasingly open workforce, will be vital for the continued success of the organisation.

CGMA briefing: Big data

The volume, variety and velocity of data available to businesses today is increasing at an incredible rate. It’s vital that organisations harness big data to stay ahead of the competition.

Finance transformation in the age of data

Highly attuned to the ‘story’ being told by business metrics, Adam Savage, FCMA, CGMA, leads organisations through transformational change, providing context for critical business decisions.

What's missing? Insights from the C-suite

One of the most useful things I have been taught is always to ask, ‘What’s missing? What has been left out?’ I’ve always found this to yield some useful insights.

IRM Cyber Risk Report

The Institute of Risk Management, supported by CGMA, has launched a new report which explores risk management in the context of cyber risk.

Cyber-threats can live anywhere

In a recent presentation at the AICPA’s Global Manufacturing Conference, Daimon Geopfert showed how easy it can be to break into a corporate entity’s computer system.

Getting to grips with the Big Data Buzzwords

If you have been wondering when to “Hadoop” or whether “analytics” is a new programme you should learn, you are not alone. Oh, and how is “in-memory processing” different to normal memory processing?

It's all about the data, you know!

Data has become the new buzzword in business and has been described as a strategic “core asset”, with the potential to change business models and create new products and services.