Value - what's it worth?

The concept of ‘value’ has been much debated in the CIMA office – our recent CGMA business models report looked at some of the different ways in which businesses create and drive value.

Minding your own business model

When did you last think about your organisation’s business model? In today’s dynamic environment, business models must change and adapt in order to deliver sustainable value.

Business model briefings

Learn how business model analysis can be used to improve business performance and manage, use and build resilience into your business model.

Sustainable business: Shared value in practice

This report, illustrated with case studies, explores the concept of Shared Value creation and will be useful to CGMAs working in organisations adopting more sustainable business practices.

Thirsty planet

When I got up this morning, I had a shower, filled my kettle with fresh water from a tap, and walked through the rain to my office, where a water cooler provides drinking water all day.