Human resources

6 tactics that make for happy employees

These six factors are considered key drivers of job satisfaction, which is crucial to feeling happy at work, research by staffing firm Robert Half suggests.

Bridging the gender pay gap

Myriam Madden, FCMA, CGMA, explains how removing gender pay inequality can benefit business and society as a whole.

5 ways to reduce employee turnover

Companies that foster personal connections between employees have a better chance of keeping talent, especially in a job market where skilled financial professionals are highly sought.

How a culture of reciprocity can tear down silos

A “Reciprocity Ring” exercise provides a setting for individuals to ask colleagues for help and information, creating a network of requesters and contributors and facilitating communication across departments.

Is HR missing the point of big data?

Some believe that the arrival of big data could make a more exact science of human resources, allowing artificial intelligence to better select and promote individual employees.

Millennial talent strategy for CFOs

Millennials bring new talents and priorities to organisations. Our experts share how experienced finance leaders can best work with these innovative and confident employees.

How to prep for a post-Brexit talent pipeline

Britain’s withdrawal from the EU would reduce the talent pool available to UK organisations. Here are four questions leaders should ask to assess their organisation’s needs and build a robust talent pipeline.

Why workers plan to find a new job in 2017

Survey data show that at least 20% of workers plan to find other jobs in the coming year. Some regularly look for work no matter their employment status, but some say perks such as casual dress might cause them to stay.