People and leadership skills

Break out of your departmental bubble

As employers increasingly hunt for newly minted graduates who can quickly slot into real-world roles, academics are giving their accounting students a head star

Why communication matters for accounting students

Adding a writing and speaking component to assignments is easier than you think. By Sophie Hares November 16, 2021 Today, accountants play a more strategic role in the organisations they work for. They’re no longer just the people who keep track of and calculate financial information but are also “seen

Reimagining performance management

The pace of change is accelerating. The forces of change are increasingly coming from external sources not subject to the direct control of managers.

Alan Rogers

Alan shares his journey behind choosing the CGMA Finance Leadership Program to support the finance professionals on his team.

Human Intelligence

Work is changing. More and more tasks are becoming automated and artificial intelligence (AI) is improving. Industries are being disrupted. While change has been a constant for decades, the pace of innovation is increasing.