Future of finance

What do digital finance leaders have in common?

Catch-up or fall behind! Only 10% of finance leaders say their teams have the skills to support the organization’s digital ambitions. Find out what else finance leaders are saying about the digital age.

Agile Finance

Agile finance looks at senior finance professionals that are highly responsive to disruptive changes that affect the industry, organisation, and finance function. These changes can come in many forms, sizes, and speeds but it's how finance professionals foresee the risks and how they act that sets the pace of these changes.

A-E: digital essentials

Businesses are being redefined by the A-E of finance: automation, blockchain, cyber-security, data analytics, as well as everything else that surrounds them. To survive and succeed, finance professionals need to be digitally agile.

How digitization changed the CFO's role

Data and digitization are causing an impact on the future viability of an organization. Join Ash Noah from the Association and Brooke Green from Microsoft as they explore the mindset of finance is changing.