Future of finance

Time for a reboot

While the march of automation may seem a potent threat to job security, there are ways to profit from it.

What does the agile finance function look like?

For a business to be robust in the face of disruption, it needs to be agile. Peter Simons, FCMA, CGMA, looks at how the finance function is changing to support and encourage that agility.

Why everyone’s in sales

“Not my job” and “not my style” are two common objections when the topic of sales is mentioned in a business environment. Sales culture can mean far more than being a designated salesperson.

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CFO of the future: Looking beyond the numbers

As the role of the CFO evolves, emotional intelligence, or EI, is becoming a vital leadership skill. These tips can help CFOs use EI to complement their greater influence in setting an organisation’s strategy.

Rethinking the value chain

Today, organisations’ value chains - the series of steps they take to deliver their products or services - include a multitude of business relationships which impact the bottom line.

Why CFOs are embracing technology as never before

Tech-savvy finance chiefs are becoming advocates for digital initiatives because they’re more comfortable with technology, they see quicker paths to value, and they see career value in understanding technology.