Finance and treasury

Legendary performance at 'America's most convenient bank'

TD Bank Head of U.S. Strategy & Corporate Development  Paul Young's drive and strategic agility have enabled him to excel in diverse finance and management accounting roles and drive legendary customer and employee experiences.

CGMA interview: Managing tax advisors

Elizabeth Anderson talks about the challenges of managing an open workforce in the context of Unilever’s tax department, which has its own specific talent needs to address.

CGMA Competency Framework 2014 edition

The CGMA Competency Framework is designed to help management accountants and their employers understand the knowledge requirements and assess the skills needed for both current and desired roles.

Cash flow modelling

Cash flow modelling is the practice of planning and forecasting the sources and uses of cash.

Finance’s expanding role

Wayne Close from BUPA International, Nigel Marsh from Reed, and Spencer Kendrick from Sybersolve Solutions, speak to CGMA professionals on the value of a partnering approach in finance.

WEF global risks report 2013

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2013 analyses 50 global risks in terms of impact, likelihood and interconnections.

Welcome to treasury and cash management

The corporate management of all financial matters, to ensure your organisation has sufficient cash to meet its obligations and fund priorities opportunities and manage risk of exposure to currency fluctuations.

The fast track to leadership

Finance is evolving from a focus on the transactional and cost efficiency areas through an analytical and decision support stage to a real strategic focus where it can make real impact.

Measure the value of talent

This tool has been developed by AICPA and CIMA to address an urgent need to measure the cost to companies of losing and replacing talent.

Unlocking business intelligence

The CGMA report, ''Improving decision making in organisations: unlocking business intelligence'' delivers key insights into current developments in BI and practical information to transform finance functions.

Three approaches to valuing intangible assets

Three methods used to value intangible assets include the market, income and cost approaches. This tool is intended to help CGMAs to develop or confirm their general understanding of these three methods.