Podcast: Managing responsible business

Tanya Barman, Head of Ethics at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, discusses the recent results of the Managing Responsible Business survey and the ethical challenges organisations must navigate to succeed.

2015 Managing responsible business

This CGMA report draws on insight from nearly 2,500 CGMA designation holders and CIMA students working in both private and public sectors to review how the ethical landscape has changed since 2012.

Five steps to improve ethical performance

Ethics is a growing priority for business leaders but they are struggling to embed an ethical culture. To fully embed an ethical culture, organisations must improve training, communication and leadership.

CGMA briefing: Ethical performance

A recent survey of CGMAs around the world found that business leaders are increasingly recognising the need for ethical performance, and its impact on the bottom line.

Business Leaders Urged to Rethink Approach to Value Chain

Not properly mitigating risk when expanding to emerging markets, lacking an accurate understanding of the impact of natural capital and failing to create the proper ethical culture can all prove to be weak links in a company’s value chain.

Ethics and the value chain

CIMA’s Head of Ethics, Tanya Barman, talks about the importance of ethical practice in an organisation’s supply chain and discusses how you can manage risk in the extended value chain.

Combating corruption across the value chain

This joint report from Transparency International UK and CGMA highlights the legislative landscape, including the intensification of international measures to combat corruption.

CGMA Competency Framework 2014 edition

The CGMA Competency Framework is designed to help management accountants and their employers understand the knowledge requirements and assess the skills needed for both current and desired roles.

The right tools for the job

Ever tried to eat jelly with chopsticks? Not very efficient, is it? A spoon would be a much more practical choice. Yet finding the right tool for the job isn’t always straightforward.

Are your good people good enough?

Imagine you are being pressured by a manager to allow a batch of goods to go into the market even if there are some quality concerns. What would you do?