What's going to happen to me and my future in finance?

What's going to happen to me and my future in finance?

New technologies like Cloud, Advanced analytics, and Process robotics are disrupting finance roles. Leaving you with the question "What's going to happen to me and my future in finance?"

Over the years finance roles have been impacted by technology. But, why are finance professionals still important and influential to the business?

Watch the video to find out why, and learn what we uncovered to be the top skills gaps in the finance function. 

Video Transcript

Finance roles are changing…

Technologies like advanced analytics, process robotics, blockchain, and cognitive computing are constantly getting faster, more efficient and more productive.

These new technology advancements can be intimidating. It’s only natural for you to wonder “what’s going to happen to me and my future in finance?”.

Technological changes and advancements are nothing new, and if history has taught us anything, it’s that there is nothing to fear. In the past, finance professionals advanced their skills to work with new technology to remain relevant and became more important and more influential to their business.

Don’t be afraid of new technology changes. Now is the time to embrace new technology. Now is your chance to move away from routine tasks and develop a more strategic role. To embrace the power of technology to work more effectively and efficiently, giving you the time to focus on adding value to your business for the long-term.

If you’re wondering “what do I need to do to embrace technology and add value to the business?”. Good news, we’ve got your back.

We found out that there are 3 skills which are the biggest gaps in the finance function.

1. Business partners
2. Data and analytics
3. Business solutions architecture

But knowing these 3 gaps isn’t enough.

You’ll need to combine them with what we found to be the key digital skills and mindset to remain relevant and succeed in a digital world.

1. Basic digital literacy
2. Technology know-how
3. Digital mindset behaviours

We’re here to help you bridge these gaps, sharpen these skills, and remain on the leading edge of an ever changing and evolving digital world, so you’re not alone.

Seize the opportunity to advance your skills, embrace technology and take the leap with us into the future of finance.