Webinar: The CGMA Business Model Framework and Trust Lens

Presented by Gillian Lees, Senior Director, Governance & Risk Research, CIMA and David Hackett, Technical Policy Manager, CIMA. In this free CPD webinar, you will be introduced to the CGMA Business Model Framework and Trust Lens; and be shown how you can achieve success over the long-term and create value for all of your stakeholders. 

You will have the benefit of learning how you can use the framework to develop an integrated view of the business; linking purpose, strategy, and operations to provide a basis for effective decision-making and focus on the key issues and metrics that will deliver value for the long-term. 

Whilst purpose and strategy are necessary, the trust of your stakeholders is just as necessary to prosper. The webinar will show you how you can use the framework to look at your business through a lens of trust. The six steps towards building 'Trust & P&L' will be explained, so then you can have an overview of how trust is growing and or declining in your business and how to build that trust back in today's market.