Videos to fuel your digital transformation efforts

Videos to fuel your digital transformation efforts

In these compelling testimonials, your accounting peers share insights and strategies for advancing the digital journey.

Watch for ideas and inspiration to successfully implement digital transformation in your organisation.

In 2020 we polled members, asking: What are your top-three barriers to digital transformation? The overwhelming response: budget constraints, leadership buy-in and having the right skills.

In the first video, Crush the 3 biggest barriers to digital transformation, AICPA® and CIMA® members share practical solutions to those barriers.

In Roadmap to digital transformation in three steps, you’ll learn firsthand experience about the three steps of a digital transformation roadmap.

Step 1: Lay the groundwork by assessing the organisation’s current processes and articulating where you’d like to go.

Step 2: Collaborate with employees, clients and vendors.

Step 3: Take an iterative approach to finesse your plan.

More digital transformation fuel

The five case study videos — from accountants and finance professionals across the globe — offer tips about:

  • Scale digital transformation for a small practice

    Big businesses are just made up of smaller units, so you can incorporate and adapt known technology solutions — such as cash flow forecasting applications — for a small practice.
  • Serve clients virtually

    Working for a remote-only firm means you can work from home, using existing technology to expand your client base and effectively serve clients.
  • Go from local to global

    A small manufacturing operation in Sri Lanka became a lean manufacturer with cloud-based solutions. Learn how this company digitally transformed to deliver to market faster and stay competitive around the world.
  • Take your business digital

    Expert advice: Excluding digital transformation from your strategic plan is significantly risky. If you don’t keep up with online tools and marketing, your competition could outpace you.
  • Position digital transformation for success

    Articulate your vision of digital transformation with your staff. Without their input, perspective and buy-in, your efforts could fail.

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