Podcast: Managing responsible business

We live in an ever-interconnected world with an unprecedented amount of data and information available at our finger tips. Supply chains are more complex and global than before and social media has added a new element to public scrutiny that is both immediate and highly influential. These elements mean that organisations are facing more risk than ever, but are also under unprecedented pressure to act ethically.

In these podcasts Tanya Barman, Head of Ethics at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, discusses the recent results of the Managing Responsible Business survey and the ethical challenges organisations must navigate to succeed.

Podcast 1 – The challenges of managing a business responsibly

Managing a responsible business includes addressing a number of ethical concerns, from addressing bribery and supply chain issues, to security of information and fairness of remuneration. This podcast discusses what businesses can do to operate more ethically and manage any contentious issues.

Podcast 2 – Ethical culture and the open workforce

Organisations today are managing an open workforce – one in which talent and resources are spread across a complex mix of in-house teams, freelancers, contractors and external business partners. This podcast discusses the effect of the open workforce on the ability to manage a responsible business.