The key role of the treasury function is to advise the Board and management on business decisions and financial considerations that are fundamental to corporate strategy. Securing financing, maintaining funding and managing risks are essential treasury skills that enable the execution of that strategy.


The banking landscape is changing dramatically; individual banks’ capabilities are shrinking, and banks’ balance sheets and corporate credit have become finite, valuable resources which have to be used as cost-effectively as possible. Increasing regulation will continue to add to the cost both of funding and hedging.

These changes are driving increased complexity, leading to greater liquidity risks for businesses that demand ever-more sophisticated management of their treasury functions. This publication highlights the role of treasury in organizations today and how having skilled treasury professionals can significantly add value.

Not all Boards and senior management fully understand what a treasury function should be doing. Management accountants, more so now than ever before, must proactively understand treasury requirements and when needed engage the treasury function. They exhibit advanced analytical abilities and are ideally positioned to identify and exploit technology and market trends to define future best practice to meet business needs.

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