How to develop a strong and interdependent team

One of the roles of a financial leader is to be the developer of the team’s skills and talents. To be successful, financial leaders must enhance their skills in developing a strong and interdependent team. Accounting is a team concept and not an independent function. The work needs to get done regardless of who does it. A financial leader must build an interdependent team whose sole focus is to satisfy the needs of every one of management accounting’s customers. Whether you are a leader-manager or a leader-executive, every leader must strive to foster team interdependence.

Successful financial leaders create an attitude of interdependence which requires every team member to become fully accountable. This leads to reliability, competence and strength.

This tool provides information on how financial leaders can build strong and interdependent teams by:

  • shaping the team’s behaviours.
  • making team decisions by consensus.
  • facilitating the team in creating their own tools, value systems and standards to help them foster their own team culture.

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