Six tips for finance professionals wanting to move up the career ladder

Strategies for career success

With the expanding range of roles on offer to those with a management accounting qualification – from business partner positions to directorships – opportunities to climb the career ladder have never been greater.

The tips inside offer practical guidance to those wanting to progress to the next stage in their careers, and the checklist on page 5 is designed to help you evaluate and plan your career advancement.

This resource should be useful for every finance professional who needs to raise their profile and increase their influence, or who wishes to progress to a leadership or non-technical role. Chartered Global Management Accountants need to market themselves, both to achieve more influence in their current roles and to demonstrate the qualities required for other opportunities, both within and outside the finance function.

We hope the tips and checklist included in this tool, and the insights from successful leaders with a finance and accounting background, will help CGMA designation holders achieve their potential as the financially qualified business leaders of tomorrow.