A Leadership Guide for the Risk Leader

A leadership guide for the risk leader

These are skills needed to navigate and manage the risk landscape of today: Agility, Awareness, Complexity, Continuity, Influence, Leadership, and Strategy. The need to manage risk effectively and promptly has risen to new levels. The complexity of the risk environment requires awareness, dependent very much on the entity’s culture(s) and strategies. To lead a successful risk program, the finance professional must be a strategic thinker, analytic superstar, agile and resilient leader with the ability to communicate and motivate the organisation to success and continuity.

This tool explores the requisite skills, talents and abilities required to lead your organisation’s risk program. In addition, there will be a focus on how to develop these skills, both in yourself and your teams.

“A leadership guide for the risk leader” resource is a companion tool to the previously released Communicating risk using a heat map and the updated Risk heat map, and is intended to be used alongside one another.  The full Risk management tool can be found at on cgma.org.  Please make sure to check there for new information.