CGMA Competency Framework guide: learning and development

For every organisation, meeting the learning and development needs of its employees is of great importance, promoting long-term business survival and sustainable success. It is also important that employees are empowered to discover learning opportunities for themselves, making it vital for you to provide an environment that fosters such discussion.

You can use it to identify areas of growth and development, whether these are needed in a current or future role or in developing specific skills as part of a project team or working group.

Using the guide and tool you can:

  • set required standards of competency
  • measure knowledge gaps for remediation
  • develop a structured plan to address remediation
  • unlocking workforce potential and motivation


You are a Controller and want to improve your readiness for a CFO role. You consider yourself technically proficient in your role, but you want to be sure about the other skills you will need to progress.

Having reviewed the Statements of Competence, you are satisfied that you have the technical skills needed to be credible in a CFO role, but you want to check the other competencies that are typically required.

To work through this scenario, watch the video below or download the Tool and explore more ways of using this.

Quick Tool guide for scenario:

  • In Column F (I am or my next role will be) select Chief Financial Officer from the drop-down list
  • In Column C (Competency) select Technical
  • Column A will then contain the relevant Statements of competence
  • To broaden the selection of Statements of competence, deselect Technical in Column C and select any or all of Business, People and Leadership
  • Further refine your search by selecting from either or both of Columns B and D (Proficiency Level and Knowledge Area)