CGMA Competency Framework guide: attraction and recruitment

The key priority for all organisations is building and maintaining success – and the workforce is the key to achieving this. Most organisations have defined roles, responsibilities and targets for their finance positions. However, they often do not detail the competencies required to effectively carry out those responsibilities.

This is where using the CGMA Competency Framework is extremely useful, helping you to define and articulate the competencies and skillsets needed for the roles in your finance function. As a recruiting manager, you can then:

  • develop new job roles and descriptions
  • articulate specific competencies for job roles
  • standardise or customise existing job roles and functions
  • use this to identify the right talent and more.


You are a Controller, and you need to fill a vacancy for a Senior Finance Manager in your team. When you look at the job description for the role, you see it was last updated over five years ago. You have greatly developed your team since then and the description no longer reflects the profile of the candidate that you need.

To work through this scenario, watch the video below or download the Tool and explore more ways of using this.


Quick Tool guide for scenario:

  • Go to Column F (I am or my next role will be…) and use the drop down to select Senior Finance Manager
  • The list of competency statements is too long for the job description, so go to Column B (Proficiency level) and select Intermediate
  • Sharpen your focus by eliminating Knowledge Areas that are not core to the role. Go to Column D (Knowledge area) and deselect Accounting Information Systems and Project Management
  • Then Column A (Statement of competence) provides the list of competencies around which you can build your job description.