Risk and innovation


Business leaders talk risk

Doug Bonthrone from Coca-Cola, Priyan Fernando from American Express, Bob Laux from Microsoft and Simon Henry from Royal Dutch Shell talk about how they balance risk and innovation.


A comprehensive roundup of reports, articles and opinion pieces to advance your knowledge and understanding of risk.

The Boardroom and Risk

London-based think tank Tomorrow's Company shows how boards can better understand their risk exposure and make sure their organisation is as resilient as possible.

Deloitte CFO survey - Q1 2013

A broad-based rise in business confidence is revealed in Deloitte’s recent survey of 120 CFOs from some of the UK’s largest businesses.

WEF Global Risks Report 2013

The World Economic Forum's Global Risks report analyses 50 global economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological risks and their likely impact over the next decade.

Risk Appetite and Tolerance

Guidance from the Institute of Risk Management providing practical advice on developing and implementing a risk appetite framework.

Risk Culture

Two reports offering practical guidance on developing a good risk culture from the Institute of Risk Management.

Roads to Ruin: the analysis

Risk experts AIRMIC trace the origins and explore the impact and implications of major corporate crises from the last decade.


Learn to manage risk while remaining innovative with these tools.

Additional resources

A comprehensive roundup of reports, articles and opinion pieces to advance your knowledge and understanding of risk. 

Risk-related earnings uncertainty sparks market expansion, efficiencies
Companies are investing in efficiencies, expanding into new markets and altering risk management processes to combat the uncertainties, according to a new survey of North American finance professionals.

Millennials hold innovative businesses in high regard
Tomorrow’s business leaders are socially conscious and prefer to work in creative environments. They believe business innovation will address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, but they also say significant barriers exist to innovation, especially at large, established companies, new research shows.

Cybersecurity: 2013 is already “the year of the hack”
Emerging, relentless cybersecurity threats pose a significant danger to organizations that are unprepared to detect and deter them, according to a new global survey. Known as advanced persistent threats, these attacks are not easily deterred by traditional controls.

Companies plan to pump up enterprise risk management
New regulation and severe weather events in the past few years are driving companies around the globe to pay more attention to enterprise risk management. Find out what threats worry executives the most and how existing ERM programmes could be improved.

Risk lessons from natural disasters
Economists and businesses around the world are paying closer attention to risks related to extreme weather. New storms and statistics serve as a reminder for businesses: It’s a mistake to think that disasters only strike somewhere else, and it never hurts to plan for the worst.