Rethinking the value chain

Doing business with partners around the world is the new normal.

Today, organisations’ value chains - the series of steps they take to deliver their products or services - include a multitude of business relationships which impact the bottom line.

So how can businesses manage their extended value chain to drive success? And what role should finance professionals play?

Over the coming months we will be releasing a series of reports and case studies to help advance your understanding, so be sure to check back for the latest insights.


Reports and briefings on the value chain give insight into the latest thinking and help you navigate this space.

Ethical culture change at Siemens: a case study

This case study investigates how following scandal, Siemens turned its business around by embedding strong corporate governance, and an emphasis on transparency and trust. It explores the steps CGMAs can take to embed governance and ethics throughout the value chain.

Combating corruption across the value chain

This joint report with Transparency International UK gives an overview of key anti-corruption legislation, and shows how CGMAs can help counter the risk of bribery and corruption throughout the supply chain.


View tools featured in our Essential Tools for Management Accountants which will help you drive success from your value chain.

Value Chain Analysis

Analyse your value chain to understand your organisation’s key capabilities and areas for improvement.


Experts discuss issues surrounding the extended value chain and how businesses can manage these to drive success.

The extended value chain

CIMA’s Head of Policy Research, Naomi Smith ACMA, CGMA, FRSA, discusses the extended value chain and how changing business environments affect the way businesses manage these.

Ethics and the value chain

CIMA’s Head of Ethics, Tanya Barman, talks about the importance of ethical practice in an organisation’s supply chain and discusses how you can manage risk in the extended value chain.