Sustainability frameworks & standards: Evolution overview

This is part of a series of briefs exploring the topic of sustainability, business and the finance professional’s key role. These briefs will help organisations consider the sustainability issues, how to integrate them into their long-term decision-making, and how to incorporate these issues into internal and external reporting.

This brief is designed to present a summary of the several initiatives underway to address the fragmented sustainability accounting and reporting landscape and that seeks to build a coherent global approach to corporate reporting that encompasses both financial and non-financial reporting.  It is intended to capture highlights of significant recent developments on this front.

  • Why is a global sustainability framework needed?
  • Who has been involved in the process?
  • What have been the outcomes to date?

As a finance professional, you are likely to encounter one or many of the sustainability frameworks and standards and we will continue to release papers summarising the major methodologies.

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