Sustainability and business – Environmental issues brief: Accounting for Nature

This is part of a series of environmental issues briefs exploring the topic of sustainability, business, and the finance professional’s key role. These briefs will help organisations consider the sustainability issues, how to integrate them into their long-term decision-making, and how to incorporate these issues into internal and external reporting.

This is the third of four environmental issues briefs on factors finance professionals must be focused upon to make a difference.  It is designed to help finance professionals build their accounting for nature literacy so we can lead and support the journeys of our organisations, firms, and clients to adapt business models and reduce their impact on nature in the global race to become nature-positive.

The practical brief focuses upon

  • What is accounting for nature?
  • Why is accounting for nature needed?
  • How to integrate accounting for nature into an organisation
  • Who will encounter accounting for nature?
  • Practical tools and resources for carbon accounting

Finance professionals play a crucial role in helping organisations address their impact of dramatic biodiversity loss. They do this by providing valuable accounting and management information, including financial and non-financial measures, and actionable business insights. Organisations can then confidently take strategic decisions and implement solutions based on relevant data and information to help society achieve the transition to being nature-positive economies.