Re-inventing finance for a digital world - Strategic thinking supplement

This supplement tells the story of the research that is underpinning our views on how strategic thinking and decision-making are changing in a digital world. It describes the implications for finance professionals, employers, academics and tuition providers, regulators and policymakers when thinking strategically.

The white paper

  • Sets out a vision for strategic thinking and decision-making in a digital world
  • Details the strategic challenges organisations face in a digital world
  • Describes the implications for the finance function and the performance required to meet strategic organizational challenges
  • Profiles the changing skills, competencies and mindset that finance professionals must adopt to ensure they can address the strategic challenges organisations face.

With all this in mind, we want organisations and finance functions to do two things, rediscover creative strategic thinking, and to empower us all to once again construct safe environments in which we have the time to think. Let’s play to our strategic strengths.

The white paper will be followed with a Strategic Thinking Tool Kit to help put the creativity back into strategic thinking and decision-making. It will profile 11 tools and techniques for finance functions and finance professionals to experiment with when focused on the strategic challenges organisations face in a digit world.

Please use the DOWNLOAD button to access a copy of the White Paper, but to find out how you can lead and develop your institution’s strategic thinking and decision-making in a changing digital world, and how The Association can support your strategic development, email

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