Managing better business – addressing ethical challenges

Managing better business – addressing ethical challenges

The 2015 managing responsible business report highlights three clusters of critical questions that organisations should address to manage responsible business.

Human rights – the emerging business issue

  • With multiple business concerns vying for attention, how are different demands and policies prioritised and actioned?
  • With a growing focus on human rights, how are associated risks assessed and addressed, both within the organisation and in the wider value chain?
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Reporting on what’s right – ethical information and insight

  • With the rising demand for non-financial and narrative reporting – such as integrated reporting – what ethical data should be collected, what is being collected and how is it being used?
  • What value can be extracted to better manage the organisation, and who is using this information?

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Beyond the policy – embedding an ethical culture

  • Embedding a corporate culture entails an organisation-wide approach. What ethical architecture and internal controls are in place, and how do these translate into management style and the working environment?
  • What role do professional management accountants have?

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