From ledgers to leadership: A journey through the finance function

From ledgers to leadership: A journey through the finance function

This report provides a high level view of some key areas of the transforming finance organisation based on global research campaigns over the period 2008 to 2011.

It analyses some of the structural changes taking place across the different finance service areas. The research looks at the future expectations in the level of finance resource allocated across the different finance service areas.

The report highlights the expectation of increasing resource, in terms of finance staff, across all finance services. However, this comes with a significant focus particularly on management support and management accounting where most growth is expected.

The research points to this happening often at the expense of a reduction of focus in the finance operations or transactional services.

The analysis discusses the impact of these trends on the skills and competencies required to meet organisational strategic objectives and drive performance.

Here, the research points to a requirement for technical accounting skills as a foundation and preference for the professional finance qualification. However, the report also explores the increasing demand for finance to upskill and identifies areas for improvement and further development.

The analysis is based on global research cycles with input from over 7,000 finance and senior managers.

You can download the full report below. You can also download the report in chapters and in Talking Head interviews with key industry contributors:


Chapter one:  a decade of change - the evolution to value creation (PDF 191KB)

Chapter two: the competencies required of finance professionals (PDF 259KB)

Chapter three: training and development of finance professionals (PDF 237KB)

Chapter four: recruitment and retention of finance professionals (PDF 497KB)

Talking head interviews:

Dan Crumb: CFO, Kansas City Chiefs (PDF 42KB)

Valerie Rainey: CFO, INTTRA (PDF 43.7KB)

Werner Baumann: CFO, Bayer (PDF 54KB)

Jim Morrison: CFO, Teknor Apex (PDF 43KB)

Bill Schneider: Director of Accounting, AT&T Services Inc (PDF 43KB)

Anne Lloyd: Executive Vice President, CFO and Treasurer, Martin Marietta Materials (PDF 42.2KB)