From insight to impact - unlocking opportunities in big data

‘From insight to impact - unlocking opportunities in big data' investigates how leading finance professionals are using data to drive commercial impact.

Finance professionals have access to an almost unlimited wealth of data sources, from call centre recordings to customers’ social media posts. We need to look beyond traditional business metrics and recognise the commercial potential of embracing this wider set of data.

There is a key role for finance here, in working with the business to deliver on the potential of big data - from driving great efficiency to developing better KPI metrics - through data-driven decision making.

Key findings

  • There’s a steep learning curve for firms looking to use data to its full potential
  • Finance professionals have the right skills to translate data into commercial insights and value.
  • Close finance/business partnering is crucial in delivering on the potential of data
  • Data offers new career opportunities as the demand for these specialist skills increases


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