CGMAs driving critical decisions for business success

CGMAs driving critical decisions for business success

Organisations across the world are facing a series of major challenges brought about by such factors as globalisation and technological innovation. These challenges have a significant impact on the role of the CGMA. This short paper therefore frames the debate by highlighting the key areas of focus for business and how CGMAs can support their organisations effectively to achieve long-term sustainable success.

It provides an overview of the approach we are taking to support the objective of the joint venture to establish the CGMA designation to elevate the profession of management accounting.

This comprises an integrated Management Accounting Coordination Framework programme which brings together a number of projects, including tools to support the effectiveness of management accounting. This programme is market-driven the ensure ongoing relevance so that CGMAs can always be at the cutting edge of techniques, tools, issues and solutions that are most important to organisations.

In addition to this core foundational programme, the paper also introduces the six overarching themes that we will be focusing on over the coming year. Together, these themes address all the critical challenges facing organisations. Our first theme – Doing the right thing - is being launched in May 2012 and will focus on ethics and leadership. As for all the themes, our objective will be to develop and promote new thinking with particular emphasis on the unique perspective of the CGMA. Each theme will be supported by a platform of outputs including reports, tools, events and webcasts to provide CGMAs with the resources they need to add value and develop their careers, whatever their role in the organisation. The paper sets out the calendar for the six themes as well as some of the specific topics that we will be considering.

The paper is intended as a basis for discussion and we would welcome feedback on our proposed themes and topics.