CGMA global economic forecast

CGMA global economic forecast

This quarterly report captures the views of CGMA Management Accounting professional decision makers from around the world on global economic conditions and current topical issues.  
As it is based on the views of senior business executives from around the world, it provides a bellwether of the health of the corporate sector and of the wider global economy. It also highlights the broad business perspective of management accounting executives and the value that they bring to their organisations in terms of the key performance indicators that matter to businesses, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Key findings Q3, 2012

Global executives have become slightly less concerned about the future impact of the global economy on their businesses, as domestic concerns such as regulation and access to finance emerged.

The overall reading of the CGMA Global Economic Index was unchanged between the second and third quarters after the sharp 7-point decline in the second quarter. While four index components fell, four rose and two were unchanged.

There was a 4-point decline in national economic optimism, led by a steep decline in optimism in the US. This was echoed by comments from executives about uncertainty in the US, fuelled largely by the upcoming elections, continued economic challenges in Europe and slower growth in China. Optimism about respondents’ own organisations stabilized in the third quarter, continuing to be stronger than the outlook for the global and local national economies as a whole.


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