Changing technology and finance

Advancements in technology are allowing us to do much more than we’ve been able to in the past. However, too many organisations are struggling with the pace of change, constantly having to react rather than lead with technological innovation. This is especially true within the finance function.

As part of our ongoing research into the future of finance, we aim to emphasise a harmonious approach and best practice so that practitioners, organisations and finance functions evolve to reap the benefits from disruptive technologies. This emerging theme from our research will:

  • set out the current technological tools you need to be aware of that are disrupting the finance function
  • focus on the impact that these tools, individually and in combination, are having on the finance function
  • explore how technological automation is shifting the skills requirement of the finance professional
  • profile the types of organisations that, typically, are early adopters of technology
  • reintroduce the CGMA horizon scanner, a tool you can use to predict when new disrupting technologies will impact your organisation and its finance function.

Download this briefing paper to the learn about the key technologies that are changing the skills required by finance professionals and where your organisation is in the journey towards adopting new technologies. 

This forms part of a series of briefing papers exploring the four key themes from our ongoing research to understand the future form and direction of the finance function.


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