The changing shape of the finance function

Our ongoing research into the future of finance reveals that an expanding mandate for finance, digital technologies and new sources of data are combining to change the shape of the finance function.

As expectations and skills evolve, that shape is migrating from a traditional hierarchical triangle (where broader populations of workers report directly upwards to a series of ever-narrower management bands) to a hexagonal structure (where expert teams collaborate as equals to achieve shared corporate objectives). This emerging theme from our research will:

  • explore how and why the shape is changing
  • explore how service areas within the finance function are evolving
  • explore the changing skills sets of finance professionals.

Download this briefing paper to discover the evolving shape of the finance function in the digital age and the implications for finance professionals. 

This forms part of a series of briefing papers exploring the four key themes from our ongoing research to understand the future form and direction of the finance function.

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