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CGMA Insights

We asked business leaders from around the world for their insights into future ways of working. 
The way organisations resource, manage and deliver on their strategic goals is changing dramatically. Businesses are becoming more open, agile, collaborative and digitised, and finance will play a vital role in the transformation that lies ahead. 
Find out how leading CGMAs and their organisations are approaching this new era. 
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Attracting top talent

Ammar Aqeel Alhassan FCMA, CGMA. CFO BMMI.

Ammar Alhassan is CFO FOR BMMI, a Bahrain-based retail and distribution company.  Mr Alhassan explains how his organisation promotes close collaboration within its workforce and how it will attract and retain the talent it needs for the future.

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Empowering Employees

John Lo, CGMA. CFO of Tencent.

John Lo is the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Tencent. He discusses why his company are distributing decision making and moving towards a flatter organisational hierarchy.

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Implementing flexible working

Paul Young CPA, CGMA. Head of US Strategy and Corporate Development, TD Bank.

Paul Young explains why the organisation is implementing more flexible ways of working for its staff.

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Managing tax advisors


Elizabeth Anderson, ACMA CGMA. International Tax Director South East Asia and Australasia, Unilever.


Elizabeth Anderson talks about the challenge of managing an open workforce in the context of Unilever’s tax department, which has its own specific talent needs to address.


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Leveraging technology

Girish Bhat FCMA, CGMA. CFO, Gammon, India.

Mr Bhat is the CFO at Gammon India, the largest civil engineering construction company in India. He believes that an increasingly open workforce, drawn from a more geographically diverse talent pool than ever, will be vital for the continued success of the organisation. 


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Helen Weir

Finance and the open workforce



Helen Weir CBE, FCMA, CGMA. Finance Director, John Lewis Partnership.

Helen Weir outlines the important role that management accountants must play in managing the workforce of the future, that will constitute an increasingly complex mix of in-house teams and external partners. 


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Merike Henneman

Global leadership 


Merike HENNEMAN CPA, CGMA. Controller, Destination DC.

Merike Henneman explains how the organisation is benefitting from deploying external talent and how leadership structures may need to be adapted to accommodate an increasingly open workforce.

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Managing an open workforce


Nick Read FCMA, CGMA. Group CFO, Vodafone.

Nick Read is Group CFO for UK-headquartered telecommunications multinational Vodafone. He outlines some of the challenges facing the organisation as it moves to a more open workforce. 

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TV Somanathan

Quality control




T.V. Somanathan FCMA, CGMA. A director of the World Bank, India.

T.V. shares his personal views about the open workforce and outlines the importance of ensuring that quality is not compromised.

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The Gen Y perspective



Victoria Wang, Financial Management student. Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Victoria Wang, winner of the CIMA 2014 Future Business Leader award, sheds some light on the career expectations of generation Y.

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Yvonne Chan

Leveraging external talent


Yvonne Chan FCMA, FCPA, CA. CFO, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

CFO Yvonne Chan explains how she manages external talent to deliver value at the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

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