Building world class businesses for the long term

Building world class businesses for the long term

‘Building world class businesses’ looks at the debate around the role of the company in society and considers the argument for a long-term approach.

Today’s volatile economic climate has focused this debate and commentators are identifying severe faults in the prevailing corporate governance and philosophy.

One theme permeates much of the discussion: a condemnation of short-termism and the promotion of long-term thinking. However, shifting gears and acting suddenly in the long-term interest is not straightforward and raises many questions.

This report discusses how to manage the interplay between short and long-term thinking, the role of government and regulation and whether long-term approaches by companies best serve the public interest.

It also examines the practical considerations of pushing forward a long-term view and the good organisational practice that will help to navigate the present without compromising the future, including case studies, practical tools and advice.