Agile Finance Reimagined: Building Finance Resiliency and Returning the Business to Scale

No crisis has been as challenging in recent memory as the COVID-19 pandemic, severely testing the strength of corporations and the business guidelines under which they operate. For CFOs and finance leaders, it has accelerated the need to create agile, resilient organizations with higher levels of digitization and to better equip their finance teams to deal with today’s rapid pace of change.

To support this effort, the Association partnered with Oracle to launch Agile Finance Reimagined, a five-part webcast and white paper series offering CFOs and their finance teams practical advice on how to increase resiliency and growth not just in finance, but also in the lines of business that rely on finance to guide the way forward, including supply chain operations and the customer experience. The series includes guest speakers from McKinsey & Company, who joined to share knowledge and insights from the firm’s body of research on the novel coronavirus and its implications for business.

Building Finance Resiliency and Returning the Business to Scale

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