2017 global state of enterprise risk oversight

2017 Global risk oversight report

Organisations face an ever-increasing array of risks that may significantly affect their strategic success. To gain insights about the current state of risk management processes around the globe, we surveyed executives in the fall of 2016 about how their organisations approach risk oversight. We conducted similar surveys in 2010 and 2014.  

This report summarises the perspectives of 586 executives in organisations around the world and provides an overview of the current state of enterprise-wide risk oversight. This includes identifying similarities and differences in four regions around the globe:

  • Europe & the UK 
  • Africa & the Middle East
  • Asia & Australasia 
  • United States  

Organisations must enhance enterprise risk oversight on a number of fronts by building robust processes, competencies and capabilities as well as making effective use of data to inform their efforts. Those organisations that adopt such an integrated approach are in a good position to transform risk management into a source of competitive advantage. This report aims to help organisations to benchmark their relative risk oversight maturity and to highlight opportunities to enhance the strategic value of their risk oversight efforts.