Managing responsible business

Ethics and responsible business

Internal trust: Building alliances from within

This paper explores the subject of trust within an organisation: what creates blocks to internal trust, the implications of such blocks and how to create structures that encourage stronger relationships.

Business and human rights: Evolution and acceptance

The operating environment for business has changed irreversibly in recent years. Change is still underway – additional issues that pose very serious threats to business include forced labour, child labour, dangerous working environments, land clearance, environmental degradation, harassment and the misuse of data.

2015 managing responsible business

Ours is an increasingly interconnected world, with an unprecedented rise in data and information flows and ever-more complex and extended global supply chains. As a result, organisations are facing more risk than ever, whilst under public scrutiny, to manage their business responsibly.

Responding to ethical dilemmas

This tool helps you to not only navigate ethical dilemmas, but also to respond in a manner that upholds your professional standards.

Podcast: Managing responsible business

Tanya Barman, Head of Ethics at CIMA, discusses the recent results of the Managing Responsible Business survey and the ethical challenges organisations must navigate to succeed.

2012 managing responsible business

This CGMA survey report explores the importance placed on business ethics, ethical performance and ethical management within organisations, and the specific role played and challenges faced by individual CGMA designation holders.

CGMA briefing: Ethical performance

A recent survey of CGMAs around the world found that business leaders are increasingly recognising the need for ethical performance, and its impact on the bottom line.

Combating corruption across the value chain

This joint report from Transparency International UK and CGMA highlights the legislative landscape, including the intensification of international measures to combat corruption.