Human Intelligence

To beat the bot you need to be more human

Work is changing. More and more tasks are becoming automated and artificial intelligence (AI) is improving. Industries are being disrupted. While change has been a constant for decades, the pace of innovation is increasing.

The World Economic Forum predicts that 5 years from now, more than a third of skills considered important today will no longer be relevant. And that all jobs will require new core skills as early as 2020. You’ll need to evolve or you risk being left behind. The solution however is simple, “to beat the bot you need to be more human.”

To help you prepare for the future workplace, we’re creating new learning opportunities (both free and paid for) – details below.

Leadership skills | People skills 

Leadership skills

Change management

Coaching and mentoring

Driving performance

  • Leadership insights (video)
    Determine the capabilities required to lead in complex times.
  • Think like a CEO (video)
    Identify the key components of a successful leader and the importance of taking time to think.
  • How creativity bookends big data (video)
    Review the steps commonly used in the creative process and how to get unstuck when you have a creative block.

Motivating and inspiring

  • Lead with inspired authenticity (video)
  • Discover why it’s essential to be yourself if you want to connect with others.
  • Mindful leadership (video)
    Learn how to cultivate mindfulness to help combat stress in the workplace.
  • Driving innovation (video)
    Learn about different models of innovation and the role that intrinsic and extrinsic motivation plays in engaging your team.
  • Emotional Intelligence (online course)
    Identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.

Team building

People skills

Collaboration and partnering




  • Self-awareness (video) Free
    Learn why self-awareness is crucial to leadership success.


Negotiation and decision-making