Future of finance

Go beyond disruption: the future of finance

Insights into an evolving finance profession

Some say the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. As new technologies and interconnectedness across the global economy are reducing the need for routine tasks, organisations are forced to consider new operating models as old ones stand to be disrupted.

However, because organisations do not discuss the issues with one another, there is currently no composite picture or vision of the finance function of the future.

The future of finance global research project is designed to bring together different organisational views, to create insight into the process of change, synthesise a composite picture of the finance function of the future. The goal of the research is to guide organisations through an extraordinary time of change and to ensure the continued relevance and employability of CGMA designation holders in businesses across the world.

Changing competencies and mindsets

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Changing technology and finance

Learn about technologies that are changing the skills of finance professionals, as described by senior executives in this future of finance research paper.