Resilient business models

Gain a new perspective using the CGMA Business Model Framework

Do you want to understand the complexities of your business model to generate value for your organisation and stakeholders in the long-term?

In today’s market, digital is disrupting the finance function. Experiences have changed how a customer interacts with a brand. Customers are now more likely to make a purchase online, through mobile, apps and more. Social media is the go-to for most customers; whether that’s to give positive feedback, complain, or ask a community about a product or the brand.

AI, machine learning, and big data have made a huge impact on how organisations operate. Enterprise organisations are leading the way in utilising these tools to provide a bespoke experience for each customer. GDPR has changed the way organisations use customer data.

The CGMA Business Model Framework was created to help CFOs gain a new perspective to foresee and mitigate the disruptive risks to the organisation, overcome crisis, and to influence decisions to make the right investments for the organisation and stakeholders.  

Gain a new perspective now and leverage your business model framework to generate value and success for your organisation in the long-term.