Resilient business models

Gain a new perspective using the CGMA Business Model Framework

The CGMA Business Model Framework was created to help CFOs gain a new perspective to foresee and mitigate the disruptive risks to the organisation, overcome crisis, and to influence decisions to make the right investments for the organisation and stakeholders.  

Gain a new perspective now and leverage your business model framework to generate value and success for your organisation in the long-term.



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This report will enable board members and CFOs to better understand their organisations current business model and how it adds long-term value.

This paper represents the evidence presented in our 2018 Business Model Framework white paper. It outlines the process and rigorous commitment to obtaining the research.


Gain a new perspective and became a strategic partner to the business. Watch the video here.

An event sponsored by Shell, UBS, IAG and Heineken. Watch the highlights from this event.