Smart risk management: A guide to identifying and calibrating everyday business risks

In today’s rapidly evolving business and technology environment, effective risk management does not always translate to risk reduction. The best business strategists recognise that too much effort in controlling risks drains resources and impedes innovation, while not enough control is clearly dangerous. Turn to this book to find the right balance for you and your organisation.

Smart Risk Management: A Guide to Identifying and Calibrating Everyday Business Risks outlines a formal process for strategic management of risk at both the individual and corporate levels. You’ll learn how to take risks confidently, reduce their negative effects, and increase opportunities for innovation. Apply the tools in this book to prove that risk management can be much more than an insurance policy—it can be a driver of value for your organisation.

In this book you’ll find information on

  • strategies for analysing risk  
  • minimising risks’ downsides 
  • methods to recover quickly from negative impacts of risk
  • bolstering your ability to accept more risk with confidence
  • teaching others to take risks and be more innovative

Author and Leadership Coach Ron Rael is an award-winning speaker and facilitator who uses advanced learning techniques to deliver measurable, bottom-line results. Based upon his experience as a business executive, Ron helps companies turn their drive for success into real results of employee satisfaction, customer retention, and internal cooperation.