Risk assessment for mid-sized organisations: COSO tools for a tailored approach, 2nd edition

Companies often struggle with the concept of enterprise risk management. The heart of ERM is the risk assessment process that has evolved from the COSO framework. Risk Assessment for Mid-Sized Organisations, 2nd edition offers guidance and practical tools designed to demystify risk identification at the enterprise or entity level and to help the user develop a tailored approach to the organisation’s risk management requirements. 

This book covers COSO thought leadership on practical approaches to getting started on this process as well as an overview of risk assessment approaches and techniques that have emerged as the most useful and sustainable for decision making.

You will learn to:

  • Create a common language to define, identify, evaluate, and manage risk
  • Establish and agree on risk tolerances and risk appetite
  • Identify risk management expectations, current gaps, and risk owners
  • Leverage cross-functional expertise to manage risk to within acceptable levels