Forecasting: Methods and applications

Guiding an organisation in tough economic times requires vision and thoughtful analysis. This publication defines issues that must be fully considered in the forecasting process and provides insight into how forecasting impacts the income statement, capital structure, and balance sheet. Forecasting: Methods and Applications contains essential forecasting tools and addresses short and long-term challenges and critical factors. It is written in a concise and clear manner that makes possible immediate use of its content.

Readers gain essential knowledge required to understand and apply the central tenets of planning and forecasting, utilise a base forecasting model, and determine maximum sustainable growth. Long-term CFOs and financial managers, as well as those new to the function, will find the information on forecasting and forecasting models particularly beneficial. Building more certainty into future projections helps financial managers to identity, address, and manage the risks resulting from revenue shortfalls and expense overages. This publication can serve as the basis for creating a solid forecasting process or enhance the effectiveness of your current forecasting efforts.

Forecasting: Methods and Applications is an essential resource for management accountants involved in the planning and budgeting functions.