Communications: Methods and applications for financial managers

Improving communication is one of the most important -- and challenging -- issues that management accountants face. In a global survey of CFOs, Ernst & Young said: ‘Despite two thirds of respondents saying that increasingly they act as the public face of the organisation, most point to communication and influencing as the most important area for improvement.’  

This publication helps answer important questions. How do management accountants know if they are effectively communicating? How can they improve their communication skills? Readers will find that this book is specifically designed to meet the needs and interests of management accountants.  It draws on interviews with finance professionals at every level in corporate accounting as well as with communication consultants, executive recruiters and educators. It provides an inside look at how management accountants communicate within and outside of their organisations, identifies best practices in the use of communication, and suggests strategies that accountants can apply to improve their communication skills. Readers will:

  • Move their current communication skills to a higher level
  • Review and recognise the importance of communication within the context of the financial manager function
  • Understand the right way to deliver bad news and resolve conflicts
  • Recognise the impact of new technologies on traditional communication channels
  • Develop the skills to use active listening as the foundation for positive communication tactics