Budgeting: Techniques and applications

Budgeting is more than just technical skills. In this book you learn how to apply leading edge tools and methods to make your budget planning process more strategic and flexible. You will be able to build a set of decision-making processes early on and discover how to use them to make smart allocation choices that benefit your entire organisation. The publication also leads you to processes and action steps that can increase your bottom line. Use it to

  • Profile the overall planning and budget process
  • Measure personnel activities to build a performance-based budget
  • Establish priorities for spending on capital needs
  • Develop and use budgeted action plans and initiatives
  • Develop a process for calculating the return on investment for expenditures and headcount increases
  • Justify the costs of a department, team, or job function
  • Self-assess to see if the company's culture enhances accountability
  • Provide guidance for solving many high level budget problems

This innovative publication brings to life the practical application of real-world planning and budgeting. An organisation’s budgeting process can be filled with inefficiencies and problems that if not addressed will recur and lead to significant budgeting issues. This book targets those troublesome areas and provides strategies on how to recognise and circumvent them. You will avoid these dangers, while creating a budget process that is fiscally prudent, predictable, and well-conceived.