CGMA Digital Mindset Pack

CGMA Digital Mindset Pack (2019-20)

Introducing an exclusive new US CGMA designation holder benefit! Gain the future-focused skill sets and mindset needed to not just survive — but to thrive — in the digital future.

The thoughtfully curated Digital Mindset Pack is a $359 value, complimentary for current CGMA designation holders. It’s not only a crash course in emerging tech but also lays a foundation for a future deep-dive – plus, it carries 6 complimentary CPE hours. Among other things, here's what's in it.

  • eLearning course: "Data-Driven Decision Making" (1.5 hours)
  • eLearning course: "Understanding Robotic Process Automation" (2.5 hours)
  • eLearning course: "Blockchain: Benefits, Values, and Opportunities" (2 hours)
  • New updates to the CGMA Competency Framework
  • Future of Finance whitepaper: Re-inventing finance for a digital world

Demonstrate your commitment

On completing the eLearning courses and reviewing the other resources in this pack, you will earn the 2019-20 Digital Mindset badge to proudly display anywhere on the internet. Set yourself apart as a future-focused finance professional.