Brian Dumbill quote

Brian Dumbill, FCMA, CGMA

VP Finance, Volvo Financial Services

Brian Dumbill

What were some of the specific attributes of the CGMA® Finance Leadership Program that made it attractive to you as a senior finance leader?

We look for modern approaches to developing finance professionals, seeking to combine challenging practical exercises with theory and going beyond the traditional classroom and textbook. Adaptive learning is particularly useful due to the wide range of experience that we have across our geographical locations. Furthermore, an internationally accepted designation was a requirement for us. You were trying to address some specific challenges in your organization. 

Why did you choose the CGMA Finance Leadership Program?  

Our intention is to develop finance professionals for the future, so we needed programs that promoted forward thinking regarding the future of finance. We wanted to develop finance professionals who are prepared to adapt to change and finance leaders who are able to lead change. The CGMA Finance Leadership Program enables us to use a flexible learning program, which we do not have the resources to develop internally, from a highly accredited professional institute. CGMA and AICPA credentials were an important factor in encouraging acceptance from senior management and the potential pool of participants. It is a cost-effective program and so fit well into our development budget. 

How does the CGMA Finance Leadership Program address the significant transformation required in the future skill sets of the finance professional?

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program has a very strong learning foundation and we are using the program to support the transformation of finance and prepare future finance leaders in our organization. We intend to continue using it to advance our professionals in financial management as we expand our business and develop in areas such as BI and data analytics.  

What are some of the measures of success, both tangible and intangible, that you are expecting to see from the CGMA Finance Leadership Program?

Tangible success will be to see the development of the individual FLP participants — this might be promotion or lateral moves into other functional positions of responsibility. We also believe that the CGMA Finance Leadership Program can help us with the retention of key talent within the Volvo Group. One participant is on our global accelerated talent program and is applying the knowledge attained while on assignment in different locations around the world. Another participant (even though they have not completed the program yet) has been promoted to the position of a country Finance Director in North America. Another has expanded responsibility in their current function, which was traditionally just financial reporting. This individual is now making recommendations to local management on financial performance and how to improve it. The overall feedback from the participants has been very favorable.