Alan Rogers

Finance Director-FTSE 100 Healthcare

Michael Burns

What were some of the specific attributes of the CGMA Finance Leadership Program that made it attractive to you as a senior Finance Leader?

The CGMA Finance Leadership program combines accounting and financial analysis, as well as key areas of leadership and people skills, which are essential for our future finance leaders.  The Finance Leadership Program provides relevant skills in an online and personalized environment, more suited to the new generation of finance professionals, and allows program participants to combine study with real-life work environments.

You were trying to address some specific challenges in your organization.  How are you addressing those specific challenges by deploying Finance Leadership Program?

Financial professionals tend to be either very strong and qualified in accounting or in commercial understanding, but seldom both.  The Finance Leadership Program helps to bridge this gap by covering commercial and technical subject matter, as well as providing training in soft skills, such as communication and leadership.

In addition, with competencies across accounting, project management and risk management, the Finance Leadership Program provides finance professionals with a far broader base and support to move from one area of finance to the other, e.g., from Cost Accounting in a factory environment to project management to general accounting.  The Finance Leadership Program provides the context and critical knowledge into these key concepts.

The Finance Leadership Program also reiterates our commitment to continue to develop and motivate talent within the organization.

How does the Finance Leadership Program address significant transformation required in the future skill sets of the finance professional?

FLP is addressing the current skill sets of the finance professional and is beginning to address some of the future skill sets that the finance professional is missing, including the understanding of big data, how finance needs to use technology to drive greater analytics and focus on more value-added insights to deliver actions and make decisions.

What would be some of the measures of success, both tangible and intangible, that you would be expecting from the Finance Leadership Program?

We are investing in the Finance Leadership Program because we expect the program participants will gain improved knowledge of accounting skills and concepts, more confidence and breadth to allow for more value-add across the organization, and an improvement in employee retention and motivation, as well as a possible competitive edge between the CGMA designation holders.