Using the McKinsey 7-S framework

By Peter Spence

Theoretical frameworks in management can sometimes leave you wondering how to use them in the real world. The McKinsey 7-S framework can help with the coordination of your organisation’s strategy execution.

Its central idea is that a business’s hierarchical chain of command is not, on its own, sufficient to determine who does what for whom in the execution of strategy; but that coordination between the seven elements of the framework enhances a business’s ability to execute its strategies.

 McKinsey 7-S framework

The template presented in the McKinsey 7-S Framework will help you to ask questions about the “fitness to execute” of your business; it will also start or maintain a conversation focused on these seven elements, which are vital for coordinating the execution of strategy.

A conversation is necessary since there are no potted solutions for your businesses to pick and choose from to get the seven elements to a state of mutual reinforcement. Each business will have its unique set of challenges to address and finding innovative solutions to these challenges could foment unique ways of driving operational excellence.

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