The Easy Button

By Lori Sexton

One has to wake up in the morning and be only conscious for a few minutes before the realization hits that chaos is awaiting.  A hectic start to our days may involve wearing many hats and problem solving in our homes before we even get on the way to work.  Once we are on the way (or even if we work remotely from home), our thoughts turn to the tasks, challenges, and interactions that await us!  And when we arrive at work and sit in front of our computer, it seems as if our in-box has exploded overnight and left an array of questions that need answers, explanations that need to be provided and solutions sought!  Just thinking about all the “to do’s” makes me harried and momentarily dreaming of an “easy button”.  

Oh to be able to push a button and the answers to my questions, explanations for management and solutions to challenges would be all in one place!  Although there is no real life “easy button”, there is one place that does house many tools and resources to help us, as management accountants, respond to the chaos around us.  

Whether you need to answer an executive’s question surrounding governance and risk management, or define and report to the Board of Directors planning and forecasting for your organization, this collection of tools is as close to the easy button as it gets.  Need assistance on strategic planning and execution?  How about analysis and customer relation management within Value Recognition?  Need to explain Product and service delivery to a new team of trainees?  I’ve discovered a huge, one stop resource center and for now, this is my “easy button.”