The CGMA Competency Framework - One Month Update

By Nancy Marc-Thrasybule

The market has spoken and the CGMA Competency Framework is on its way to becoming a benchmark for the management accounting profession.  Accounting and finance professionals all over the world have been downloading the framework and viewing the video to strengthen their role and career in management accounting.

How about you? Have you had the chance to explore the CGMA Competency Framework? If you have been too busy at work lately, on vacation or you simply haven’t heard about it yet, it’s worth your time to get acquainted with the framework. Whatever your situation, this tool is a solid reference point as you perform in your current role as well as aspire to move up in your career.

Unlike other CGMA resources, the framework is unlocked and available to all - accounting and finance professionals, employers, HR learning and development staff, and educators. You can either download it for your immediate or future use or even share it with a colleague. You may also find that the framework can aid discussion with your manager during evaluation meetings to map your next career move. 

Seasoned professionals and beginners alike find value in the framework. From relevant and functional technical skills to business skills that will set you and your organization apart, this tool touches on every aspect of your career. If you have not gotten the chance to download it, check out the CGMA Competency Framework video as it brings it all together.