Getting to grips with the Big Data Buzzwords

By Tarisai Masamvu

If you have been wondering when to “Hadoop” or whether “analytics” is a new programme you should learn, you are not alone.  Oh, and how is “in-memory processing” different to normal memory processing?

With the explosion in the volume, variety and velocity of data, a whole new set of terms has emerged and unless you know how to speak “big data”, it can all be very confusing. For example, when do you “MapReduce” and where can you find “Cloud Computing”?  And what about the “Internet of Things”?

To help you along, the new CIMA report, “From Insights to Impact” contains our very own Jargon Buster to demystify some of those techie words and equip management accountants with what they may need to know when they are in technical meetings or attending conferences.

Our Jargon Buster is not exhaustive by any means, but it should give you the basics you need to know. However, if you feel you need to know more, this list from The Big Data Republic can give you a little bit extra.

Just make sure you "mine" before you "visualise".....